Leisure Llama is dedicated to creating innovative products with elegant design that are meant to improve your quality of life.

Started in early 2018 by yours truly, my mission is to deliver high quality products that have unique features in order to provide supreme value to my customers.

I began my entrepreneurial journey by watching and reading stories about other entrepreneurs who were able to find success and achieve the goals they had in their personal life while making an impact on the world, and as I learned more about how business runs the world, and how much positive change can be made by businesses with a purpose, I decided I had to do it for myself.

In all my work I have one goal in mind: to be proud of what I’ve done.  I hope that you can see the time and attention to detail I put into creating the products you can find here on my website.

-Brandon Low

If you have any feedback, questions, comments, or suggestions. Feel free to use the Contact Us page or send me an e-mail.