Comes with four handcrafted bamboo tools that each serve a different purpose. Two types of rakes as well as a pen that can be used to create unique and intricate marks, lines, and curves. The smoothing tool is used to flatten the sand with ease, allowing you to spend more time creating. The set includes an engraved ‘ZEN’ stone, and an assortment of black stones and river stones that are unique to each set.

Have you ever used a Zen Garden where the tools scratch and scrape against the bottom or the sand spills over the sides during use? That will not happen with ours as it features a deep 2cm tall sand reservoir, creating a more peaceful and calming experience.

Extra sand is included with each set, allowing you to fill up the base as much as desired. It can also be used to replenish any lost sand in the future should an accident occur. The sand comes double-bagged to ensure that your set will not arrive a mess with loose sand all over the box.
Our Zen Garden’s 10x10x1.6 inch decorative base is made of 100% solid wood with a luxurious dark red finish. The unique and original design looks just as good on a table as it does on a desk, counter, or shelf.

Makes the perfect gift for yoga and meditation enthusiasts, as well as stressed out students and Asian decor lovers. Looks great on anyone’s desk, in an business office lobby, waiting area, or medical office. Improve any area of a home or office with some Asian flair while providing guests/clients a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Kids love it as well! It can help them relax while stimulating their creativity in a non-electronic way.

Original decorative design, high quality wood, contains extra sand, has 4 beautiful and unique tools, this Zen Garden will last you a lifetime. Click Shop Now on Amazon to get yours!